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BeFishy Intake Guard for Fluval Canister Filter

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BeFishy Intake Guard for Fluval Canister Filter
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*Filter not included* 

Keep your aquarium filter running smoothly with our durable filter guard. Designed to protect your filter from debris and damage, this guard is a must-have for any aquarium owner. Made from high-quality materials, our filter guard is easy to install and fits the recommended filter model. Don't let clogs and broken filters ruin your aquarium experience. Get our filter guard today and enjoy a clean and healthy aquarium environment.


Fluval Canister Filter Intake Protection Guard. 

Prefilter protection guard with a simplistic design. Safe for shrimps and fish fry.

Suitable for Fluval Canister Filter Models:

Fluval Canister 107

Fluval Canister 207

Fluval Canister 307

Fluval Canister 407

Fluval Canister 106

Fluval Canister 206

Fluval Canister 306

Fluval Canister 406

Fluval Canister 105

Fluval Canister 205

Fluval Canister 305

Fluval Canister 405

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90 days guarantee for any defects.


Made In America.

Material: Aquarium Safe Plastics

Made to Order.

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